Bisexual Stars: Famous Bisexuals

Bisexual stars have often made an impact on our popular culture, and there have been numerous famous bisexual people in the last few years. They've often helped bring the issue of bisexuality into the spotlight. Sometimes it's been in a positive light... other times, bisexual stars have stigmatized bisexuality.

Some of the more well-known bisexual stars are:

* David Bowie - Bowie invented the androgynous look and had several high profile encounters with other men, including Mick Jagger (or so the rumour, started by ex-wife Angie, goes)

* Mick Jagger - Lead singer of the Rolling Stones. Further rumours have it that Mick is not averse to a romp between the sheets with other men.

* Michael Stipe - Lead singer of REM. Has said he won't identify himself as gay, straight or bisexual because he sees his sexuality as a very fluid thing.

* k.d. lang - Singer. Although known as a lesbian, Ms lang has said she is also attracted to men.

* Dave Navarro - Ex guitarist Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction. Dave can be seen kissing lead singer Anthony Kiedis at the end of the Warped video, and would kiss other male band members during Jane's Addiction shows. He has said, however, that he only does this to make people feel uncomfortable, and "would only try bi sex if it meant he could sleep with a woman."

* Freddie Mercury - Lead singer, Queen. Freddie had numerous relationships with both men and women during his lifetime, although he was in a stable homosexual relationship when he died in 1991.

* Elton John - Singer. Elton is now officially gay, but throughout his career he declared himself to be bisexual, and he was married for a brief time.

* Madonna - Singer and actress. Madonna has said she has slept with other women in the past, and her Britney Spears kiss didn't look like an amateur effort.

* Kurt Cobain - Lead singer of Nirvana. Self identified as a bisexual.

* Courtney Love - Singer. Has said "when I do it, I like really trashy pornogirls..."

* Diana Ross - Singer. "I just feel like you can be in love with anybody. You can love a woman. I mean, what makes you not be able to love like that?"

* Marlene Dietrich - Actress. Dietrich allegedly had a brief liaison with Greta Garbo among others.

* Anne Heche - Actress. Had a very public relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, then went back to a male lover.

* Anais Nin - Writer of erotica. Had numerous male and female lovers, including Henry Miller and his wife (as fictionalised in the movie Henry and June.)

* William Shakespeare - Playwright. Shakespeare was married, and yet several of his sonnets appear to be written for a male lover.

* Frida Kahlo - Artist. Frida had affairs with men and women, and liked to dress in male drag. The movie Frida is a biographical portrayal of her life.

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