Bisexual Politics

The politics of bisexuality is an interesting topic.

Bisexuals and bisexual organisations consider themselves to be part of, but also separate from, the politics of gay and lesbian rights. Their common ground with homosexual politics is the fight against discrimination based on sexuality.

After that, ideals and principles change.

One of the essential differences between gay/lesbian and bisexual politics is that the latter believe in the fluidity of sexuality. While a lot of homosexual lobbying relies on the idea that gays and lesbians are born that way, and cannot choose to be anything other than what they are, bisexual politics says that all expressions of sexuality across the "gender spectrum" are valid, and refuse to consider themselves to be "sexually handicapped" or different.

They also maintain that bisexuality needs to be treated almost as a right of association. They say that while gay and lesbian politics asks for legal protection on the basis of genetics ("born that way"), and asks for the same freedom from discrimination that outlaws racism, bisexuals want something more along the lines of freedom of religion or politics. They say that they shouldn't suffer discrimination just because of who they associate with.

Bisexuals are also interested in changing marriage law - not necessarily to legalise gay marriages, but more to make polyamory legal. Polyamory is Latin for "many loves" and means a multiple-partner marriage.

Bisexual organisations also have a very pro-sex and pro-feminist agenda.

In the past, and even today, bisexuals have encountered opposition and even discrimination from some groups within the homosexual community. Some gays and lesbians see the bisexual politics as a threat to their own fight for freedom. The bisexual community are keen to point out that such animosity is counter-productive and no-one's oppression is better than another's.

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