Bisexual Characters and Movies

Bisexual characters have often appeared in numerous films. Sometimes these characters have acted on their attraction, while in other movies the bisexuality is simply implied.

Some of the more well-known bisexual characters include:

* Julian in American Gigolo, played by Richard Gere

* Catharine in Basic Instinct, played by Sharon Stone.

* Violet in Bound, played by Jennifer Tilly

* Amy in Chasing Amy, played by Joey Lauren Adams

* Celie in The Color Purple, played by Whoopi Goldberg

* Fergus in The Crying Game, played by Steven Rea

* Howard in In and Out, played by Kevin Kline

* Louis in Interview With The Vampire, played by Brad Pitt

* Scott in My Own Private Idaho, played by Keanu Reeves

* Brad in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, played by Barry Bostwick, and also Frank N Further, played by Tim Curry. Actually, half the characters in that movie swing both ways...

* Brian in Velvet Goldmine, played by Jonathon Rhys-Meyers

Other films with bisexual characters or scenes with bisexual encounters

* Blue Velvet

* Body of Evidence

* Erotique

* Threesome

* Wild Things

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