Bisexual Myths and Misconceptions

Bisexual people often encounter misconceptions and myths about their sexuality. They are often marginalized or discriminated against because of these myths, and it can make it more difficult for bisexuals to "come out" and embrace their orientation.

Some common bisexual myths include:

* Bisexuality does not exist. This is simply denying the reality that many people feel attracted to both sexes.

* Bisexuals are just confused gays and lesbians. This myth is an extension of the previous one. It comes from a view that bisexuality simply cannot be real and any attraction to the same sex is just repressed homosexuality i.e. he's really gay, but he's afraid to admit it. This myth is common among the homosexual community, possibly because they see bisexual people as a challenge to their solidarity. After all, they've fought hard to establish an identity and bisexuality is seen by some as proof that gays and lesbians can "choose" their lifestyle.

* Bisexuals are promiscuous. There are many bisexual people who are happily monogamous. There are also those who have one night stands, those who have "open relationships", and there are also serial bisexual monogamists. Bisexuals are keen to point out that number of partners or frequency of sex have little to do with the basic attraction they feel to both sexes.

* Bisexuals cause AIDS. HIV and AIDS are caused by unsafe sex or intravenous drug use. Bisexuals can be just as unsafe or safe as any other person.

Bisexual life will continue to be difficult while such myths are prevalent. The only real weapon is education and tolerance.

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