Are You Bisexual?

You may be enjoying bisexual pictures and porn and wondering if this makes you bisexual.

The fact is, it's entirely up to you to decide whether you're bisexual or not.

In a way, bisexuality is just a label and it's how we feel about ourselves that makes a difference. You may choose to call yourself bisexual if you feel attracted to both sexes. Indeed, bisexual organisations say you can be celibate and still bisexual, as it's the attraction that matters.

Studies by Alfred Kinsey almost 50 years ago revealed that vast numbers of people feel attracted to members of both sexes at some time during their lives. This kind of bisexuality, then, is extremely common, and perfectly normal.

Of course, acting on your feelings can make a big difference. There are plenty of monogamous, outwardly heterosexual people who do not act on their attraction (perhaps they simply fantasise, or look for bisexual pictures like those on this site). There are others who do more than think about it, and it's those people whom society considers to be "bisexual."

Bisexuals may have a single encounter with the same sex, or many over many years, with both sexes. Again, it all comes down to what the individual wishes to do.

Sexuality is an aspect of ourselves that develops over time. Teens who may be feeling confused about their sexuality need to relax and learn to be happy with themselves. It may be that their preferences will develop and they will lean one way or another, or perhaps they will continue to feel attracted to both sexes for the rest of their lives. Repressing these kinds of feelings only leads to anxiety later on.

And, of course, sex can be greatly different to love. Meeting the right person and committing to that person can mean that pursuing an active bisexual lifestyle is no longer compatible with the relationship. That too, is OK. Bisexuals are found in all sorts of relationships. Some work out a way to pursue their sexuality, and some are happy to remain monogamous. Trust, communication and respect are always the important factors.

If you are uncertain about your sexuality, it will help to visit the various resources listed on this site, and learn more about bisexuality.

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